Elisa + Jason | The Bradford Estate

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Elisa and Jason are the kind of opposites that just fit together. As soon as you’re in their presence, you know why they will be together forever. We were so excited when they booked us since not only are they freaking awesome, but got married at a fave venue of ours - the Bradford Estate. Not only does the Bradford have a gorgeous bridal sweet, but has a killer game room for the guys. Jason and his groomsmen got their shuffleboard on while Elisa and her girls enjoyed their mimosas and music.

Soon it was time for first look, which invoked a lot of emotions before we hit up both classic and new spots at the venue for their portrait session. The tears returned when Elisa and her dad hit the aisle to start the ceremony, officiated by Elisa’s brother - who looked rather familiar - he was a groomsman in a former client’s wedding!

After the I do’s, the DJ kept the dance floor packed all night, and the guys took advantage of the cigar bar. The last song played at midnight as the newlyweds sang to each other for their last dance. Congrats, Elisa and Jason!

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