10 Awesome Locations for Your Philadelphia Engagement Photos

If you’re planning on engagement photos in the great city of Philadelphia, the choices are endless! From museums, to parks, to bridges, and even the train station, check out these 10 great spots that will give you a great range of photos for save-the-dates, your wedding website, and of course, your walls!

  1. Race Street Pier

Always a classic, Philly’s Ben Franklin Bridge makes for a stunning backdrop. Don’t miss out on the chance though to check out the abandoned train tracks adjacent to it!


2. Old City

Cobblestone streets and lovely Philadelphia townhouses, not to mention some industrial areas around the bridge. If classic Philly is your vibe, then a stroll around Old City will present many photo ops.


3. Fairmount WaterWorks

A gorgeous, huge venue, that’s usually bustling with tourists, but during the week it is nice and quiet and provides tons of photo ops along the Schuylkill River, as well as inside it’s gorgeous gazebo. Bonus points: it’s pet friendly!


4. Longwood Gardens

Always a classic spot with a dreamy backdrop, Longwood Gardens boasts several indoor and outdoor locations to capture your engagement. It’s also spectacular nearly any time of year and has tons of space to experiment with different settings that aren’t crowded with people.


5. Fishtown + Front Street Walls

If a more gritty urban vibe is what you’re after, walking around Fishtown will present many options from brick buildings to awesome graffiti. This couple enjoyed showing off their white engagement outfits against the colorful backdrop of Front Street!


6. Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

If a unique artsy backdrop is what your after, exploring the Magic Gardens will provide plenty of creative angles. We suggest wearing solid colors though so you stand out against the textured nature of the gardens.


7. Aloft Hotel Downtown

There’s a lot to love about this space - from awesome neon signs, to their grand library and even the outdoor patio space. Call ahead to let them know you’d like to use the lobby area for a few photos and get ready for a very city-chic vibe!


8. 30th Street Station

From the grand art to the outdoor sculptures around the building, Philly’s iconic train station makes for a great indoor and outdoor option that is perfect if you’re into that commuter lifestyle!


9. Art Museum / Fairmount

With both sweeping views of the city and lovely trees, the Art Museum area is a very-Philly backdrop. You may have to navigate some tourists, but the results will be worth it!


10. Rodin Museum

Fountains, grand architecture, and gardens. This hidden gem makes for stunning photos that give you European feel, without, you know, actually going across the pond!