6 Ways to Incorporate Personal Details into Your Wedding Day

One of the best things about planning a wedding is that you have the opportunity to make your big day as unique and personal as you like! Here are six ways we’ve seen bride and grooms put a little personal pizzazz on their party:

  1. Favors

If you’re planning on giving your guests a take home gift, why not give it a personal touch with a little something that connects to your personalities!

One couple who loved dogs gave all their dog-loving guests an actual doggy-bag full of treats. While another incorporated their love of legos by having guests make their own bride and groom lego people. Even something as simple as a little homemade limoncello will leave guests happy in more ways than one!

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2. Your Wedding Cake

We’re seeing couples get creative with their cakes when it comes to adding something special to them. From custom cake toppers, etched initials, or a little hidden something, your sweet treat can be an adorable location for adding that personal touch.
Below, one couple opts for a more rustic vibe by turning their cake into a tree with their etched initials, another bride surprised her groom with custom made Funko Pop cake toppers, and another couple had their dog Hank “hidden” on the back of the cake!

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3. Your First (or Last) Dance

Music is a common way to express your personality - even the choice of band or DJ says a lot about your style. Recently we’ve seen couples invite a friend to sing their first dance song, while another couple had a their friend close out their party with his rendition of “No Diggity.”

PatriceandAdam-2941 (1).jpg

4. Your Vows

It may seem obvious, but the more we see couples writing their own vows, the more we love it. Not only is it extremely personal and heartfelt, but makes for really awesome emotional photos.


5. Flowers

More than just pretty decor, your bouquets and centerpieces can be all about you as well. Recently one bride, who served in the Peace Corps in South Africa, had flowers from the country incorporate into her bouquet (arranged by Fabufloras) while another bride’s mother made all her flowers - from wood! A Star Wars loving groom hid a storm trooper in his boutonnieres for a private, yet personal touch!


6. An unexpected ritual or detail

In the end, however you want to personalize your big day is up to you. Throughout the course of shooting hundreds of weddings, we’ve seen Irish hand-fastening ceremony where the bride made the rope herself. Bridesmaids who surprised their bride with cutout faces of the groom, and another groom whose extreme love for Christmas made its way to his change of clothes for the reception!

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Benjamin Deibert